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Bucci Painting Corp.
Floor Refinishing

We refinish wood and concrete floors.

Call Bucci if you want to:
  -Show off that classic car in your home's garage.
    -Beautifully Stain the floor of that finished basement or Kitchen.
       -Or Brighten and maintain that shop or warehouse floor.

Floors generally must withstand a great deal of abuse.  We coat many floor substrates including wood, steel, and most commonly concrete.  The proper steps are taken and proper coatings used to assure our floors are protected.  Prep may include power washing, degreasing, scarifying, shot blasting, chemical etching, rinses and resurfacing.  We apply high end industrial coatings that will hold up in tough environments.  There are multi part epoxies as well as new Low VOC Waterbased coatings available for the environmentally conscious.  Clear sealers and decorative stains are also available for both commercial spaces, offices and for a high-end finished look in many residential settings.

Floor Feature Options:
-Resurfacing coatings to fill in pits and texture
-High end durable coatings (including epoxy)
-Low VOC (green) coatings are available
-USDA approved coatings
-Interior and Exterior Applications
-UV rays protective coatings
-Decorative applications available
-Wide range of Deep colored epoxies to choose from
-Custom Colors available
-Colorful semi-transparent concrete stains
-Clear finishes and sealers
-Safety lines and placards to mark walkways,
Caution zones, and equipment locations
-Casting Flake additives (add life and is a great look)
-Low Cure Temps and Fast Cure times

Benefits of Coating a Floor:
-Protect substrate from premature breakdown
-Withstand foot traffic, hot tire pickup,
and heavy vehicles
-Provide chemical resistance
(salts, acids, oil/grease, hydraulic fluid, etc.)
-Easily cleaned
-Added traction
-Brighten area
-Added safety & organization
-Short turnaround times often mean back to business
        between 2 to 36 hours of coating or 24 to 96 hours depending on coating choice.

Common Areas Floor Coatings are Used:
Warehouses, Mechanical Shops, Manufacturing, Garages, Show Rooms Supermarkets,
Airports, Pools, Barns, Feed Bunks, Pet Care Areas, Vetenary Hospitals, Hospitals, Basements, Entryways/Foyers,

Residential Common Areas:
Basements, Garages, Patios, Pools, Kitchens, Retaining Walls, etc.
Below are charts and pictures provided by our specialty coatings vendors to help you in getting ideas or picking colors for your upcoming floor project.
Basement Waterproofing and Concrete Sealing

A damp or wet basement/crawlspace can cause damage in a home, create a good environment for mold and mildew growth, and prevent an owner from being able to actively live in the space or store possessions.

Moisture can be caused by Hydrostatic Pressure (groundwater) rising above the footing leaking into basement, or the surrounding landscape causing water to flow toward the house.  Concrete is very porous and wicks moisture into the home even if there are no cracks or obvious leaks.  There are many coatings like latex/acrylic primer/paints and other mortar based coatings that are considered concrete sealers.  These coatings may stop some moisture, but not heavy flows or slightly higher moisture levels.  The reason is that they are only sticking to the surface of the concrete and water and moisture still get through the back and push very hard on that coating eventually pushing it off.  In addition to this, these coatings still allow some moisture through, even if the coating has not failed.

The Bucci Solution:  We use tried and true industrial coatings that have been used around the world in countless water ridden environments  (these are not items you can find at the local hardware or Box Store).  These coatings don't just sit on top of the surface, but crystallize and grow deep into the pores and capillary tracts of the concrete wherever water is present.  Thus, the physical properties of the concrete changes and becomes watertight from deep within the block.  A foundation becomes impervious to water.

We repair cracks with specialty patches that will resist water (even flowing water), and we have flexible extremely elastic materials to deal with cracks that shift with the natural settling of the home.

Advantages over traditional membrane and barrier systems:  No pealing, prevents water from entering, more versatile, cost efficient, continues to work whenever moisture present..

Estimates are Free, Most projects are done in 1-2 days.

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